About Me

Hi! I’m Vinay Keerthi.

I am a software developer based in Bangalore, India. I write about technology, Python, Raspberry Pi, the Internet of Things, and I also speak at Meetups and Conferences.

I currently work at Visa Inc, the credit processing company, where I work for the Data Platform team, helping them build tools and services to orchestrate the flow of data across Visa.

The stuff I enjoy building are usually distributed systems, developer tools and the odd automations that no one else usually enjoys. I love making things work like clockwork.

I have a code of values that I adhere to, and I constantly try to adhere to it.

I also write about hearing loss and single-sided deafness, and how to cope with it.

You can reach me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Email, though I’d rather you just send me a tweet.

My Gear

I am a certified geek. I build mechanical keyboards, run Kubernetes on a 4 node Raspberry Pi 4 bramble (a smaller cluster), have about 18 Raspberry Pi boards in all, and I also do a lot of MicroPython and IoT work.

I love Linux, and I enjoy tinkering around it, trying to disassemble how it works.

Here’s a small gallery of my workspace.


I assembled these keyboards and flashed the QMK framework on them, programming them to suit my preferred layout.

Corne Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue)


Daisy 40% (Cherry MX Green)


Lily58 Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue)




Why Stonecharioteer?

Stonecharioteer Logo

I was born in Hampi, Karnataka, India, and I often write about it as well. I was lucky enough to find the domain, and the ID in all my frequent portals.

Dog Tax

Meet my dog: her royal highness “Subbalakshmi” (Subbi). We’ve had her since Sept 2019, and she’s one of the friendliest dogs we’ve met. She’s an indie, adopted off the road when she was a few weeks old. She’s the cuddliest thing ever!


Cat Royalty

I got a cat in Jan 2020, and his name is “Vibhishana” (Vibhi). He’s an indie too, and I got tricked into adopting him and becoming his servant. He doesn not love cuddles.