A Weekend With Postgresql#


I’ve wanted to read the postgresql documentation live, on video, for over a year now. This is the best time to do it.

A friend once told me that he considers PostgreSQL to be one of the best-documented pieces of OSS software out there, and after recommending it to several of the engineers I work with, I agree. Reading the PGSQL docs is something I enjoy doing every once in a while. However, I’ve not done this at a stretch of a weekend or even a week.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing webcasts for coding for quite some time now. This was the first thing I wanted to live-cast whenever I got around to it.


This is a question that you shouldn’t be asking if you know me. I love teaching, and I love technology. I’m doing this for the fun.

That being said, I have the following goals:

  1. Start my Twitch Channel

  2. Organize my thoughts in a Notion workspace, leading to further blog-articles later in August or September.


I’m going to be reading the PostgreSQL database documentation from the website. I’ll be reading v13.3, the latest as of this post. I’m going to work through all the examples / code in the documentation, and I’ll also be recording the entirety of the exercise.

There are a few exclusions, however:

  1. I won’t be working on any of the Windows and Mac-based steps.

  2. I will be doing this on a Linux Mint / Ubuntu-based machine, and compile times may be faster than you see here since this is entirely on an SSD.

  3. I will be skimming through some sections, mostly around the C programming sections since I don’t really know how to code in C.

  4. I will also skip sections that are in different programming languages (perl etc.)


I’m going to be streaming on my Twitch Channel.

I will be going live at 8PM IST on 2021-07-03. Here’s a calendar invite. for the entire session, should you need it.


Anyone is welcome to join, even if you’re mildly curious. I won’t be coding to be honest with you, so you won’t need to know any programming language to follow along. I’ll also be using Linux to run all the commands I read, so you might learn a few things about Linux as well.

The notes for this entire session will be recorded on [Notion](https://www.notion.so/A-Weekend-With-PostgreSQL-68b98f680d8c4cbdb0f80fb99223c742). I’ll work them into detailed blog posts later. I want to dive into some portions of this more than others.

## Resources

  1. Calendar Invite

  2. Notes on Notion

  3. Twitch Livestream Link (You will need an account to comment, but you don’t need one to watch.)

  4. YouTube Recordings Day 1 and Day 2

  5. PostgreSQL Documentation v13.3