Learning Rust#

I’ve been trying to learn Rust for nearly 3 years now. Oddly, I find that the process has been extremely similar to how I’ve learnt Python. I tried picking up Python in 2010, and I couldn’t. I tried again in 2015, and I was finally ready. The process has been the same.

I have been using Rust for a little over 40 days now, and I’ve managed to write a small webservice for Merkle Science. Granted, I could have written this faster in Python, I’m glad I got the chance to try Rust. The only reason I took this long was because I wasn’t experienced with Rust.

I’ve also spoken at BangPypers, wherein I discussed how I got into Rust as someone who’s only coded in Python. The audio is a bit choppy, I’m afraid, because I was trying noise cancellation in OBS Studio.

I’m hoping to make more Rust content, but before I do so, I plan on writing and reading more Rust code.