Reading the Harivamsha by the Tungabhadra#


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Sept 2, 2017

Krishna. The dark one.


Returning here, to my spot, gives me an unbelievable feeling of peace. So I take every small chance I can to do this.


Here after he hears of the Kurukshetra war, Janmejaya asks Vaishampayana about the Best of the Vrishnis, the Yadava Krishna Achyuta Vaasudeva. Krishna is many things to many people. Ultimately, he is the best recognised form of Vishnu of the Thousand Names.

With his guile and powers, he outwits the best of foes. Kamsa, Jarasandha, Shishupala and Rukmi, all fall flat before the Blue Skinned One.


Today I went to read the Harivamsha by the Tungabhadra and I did. I read of Krishna’s wrath as Aniruddha was abducted and his flight to save his grandson.