Ultralearning - Scott H. Young#


The full title of this book is Ultralearning - Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition, and Accelerate Your Career


This is a great resource on understanding how to learn.


Link to other great books on how to learn, including the Coursera book and Art of Learning - Josh Waitzkin

Chapter 1 - Can You Get an MIT Education Without Going to MIT?#

Chapter 2 - Why Ultralearning Matters#

  • Explains what Ultralearning is.

    • Strategy

    • Self-directed

    • Intense

  • Ultralearning is an investment into your work.

  • Ultralearning is a way to improve your personal life.

  • Tyler Cowen - “Average is over.”

  • Skill Polarization

  • Education - Tuition is too high

  • Technology - New frontiers in learning

    • Ultralearning does not require new technology.

  • Professional success was rarely the thing that moticated the ultralearners - including those who ended up making the most money from their new skills. Instead it was a compelling vision of what they wanted to do, a deep curiosity, or even the challenge itself that drove them forward.

  • The best ultralearners are those who blend the practical reasons for learning a skill with an inspiration that comes from something that excites them.

  • Doing hard things, particularly things that involve learning something new, stretches your self-conception.

  • Particular types of practice can change most attributes necessary for becoming an expert-level performer with the exception of the innate traits of height and body size. - K. Anders Ericsson

  • Find time for ultralearning by doing it part-time. The core of the strategy is intensity and a willingness to prioritize effectiveness.

  • A spread-out schedule may even be more efficient in terms of long-term memory.

  • Pursue ultralearning during gaps in work.

  • Integrate ultralearning principles into the time and energy you already devote to learning.

  • Ultralearning doesn’t have to be an additional activity; it can inform the time you already spend learning.

  • Ultralearning is learnable.

Chapter 3. How to Become an Ultralearner#

  • Principles of Becoming an Ultralearner:

    1. Metalearning: First Draw a Map

    2. Focus: Sharpen Your Knife

    3. Directness: Go Straight Ahead

    4. Drill: Attack Your Weakest Point

    5. Retrieval: Test to Learn

    6. Feedback: Don’t Dodge the Punches

    7. Retention: Don’t Fill a Leaky Bucket

    8. Experimentation: Explore Ourside Your Comfort Zone

Chapter 4. Principle 1 - Metalearning - First Draw a Map#

  • What is Metalearning? - Learning about learning

  • The Power of your metalearning map:

    • Being able to see how a subject works, what kinds of skills and information must be mastered, and what methods are available to do so more effectively is at the heart of success of all ultralearning


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