Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 20#

This journey has been relieving. I have done all that I set out to do. I came for a larger purpose, to start writing once again. It has been too long, and I have been scared of something.


Fear is a gripping thing, and it has defined a lot in my life. My closest friends know how much I fear some things. When I think about the thing I fear most, my palms sweat, and I begin speaking at five times my normal pace.

In Hampi stands the thing I fear the most, and the places I love the most. It is good that reading the Mahabharata here, feeling the fear that gripped Arjuna before Krishna recited the Bhagavad Gita, has helped me a bit.

Today, I went to sit near the Tungabhadra to write, and I did. I wrote a postal selfie, and I faced my fear in more ways than one.