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Hello there! I’m Vinay Keerthi and this is my blog where I write about technology, books (fictional and technical), travel, mental and physical health, among other things.

Here is a list of most recent posts:

  • 28 March - Learning Rust

    I’ve been trying to learn Rust for nearly 3 years now. Oddly, I find that the process has been extremely similar to how I’ve learnt Python. I tried picking up Python in 2010, and I couldn’t. I tried again in 2015, and I was finally ready. The process has been the same.

  • 18 February - Using Non-Standard Jinja Templates

    Apache Airflow uses Jinja templates for variable expansion and templating. Whenever you write a DAG, you can use {{ }} blocks to expand variable names, often using Airflow configurations or macros to fill in the values. While that is great, you get a problem when you have Jinja templates inside your code that has nothing to do with Airflow.

  • 24 January - Creating Fixed Length Iterables in Python

    If you want to create an iterable of a fixed length in python, use collections.deque with the maxlen parameter.

  • 16 January - Documentation Without Assumption

    Whenever you write documentation, always try to focus on your audience. I’ve written about this (in my embarassingly half-complete idea about documentation), and I’m always going back to this. Documentation is about caring. I see a lot of developers who don’t write good documentation. But what is good documentation?

  • 16 January - A System for Getting Better at Leetcode

    For the longest time I was in denial about the benefits of studying algorithms and data structures. I wasn’t fascinated by Leetcode or other forms of competitive coding. It felt drab to me. I’d rather build something using programming. That’s more fun. Companies should consider my skills based on Github.