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Hello there! Welcome to my blog where I write about tech, books I love to read, and life in general.

Here is a list of most recent posts:

  • 24 August - I joined Merkle Science as an Architect

    I left Visa on July 21, and joined Merkle Science as an Architect and Lead Software Engineer. I’m working with the Data Engineering team, and have some cross-over work with the Product team as well. I am excited for this shift since this is the first startup I’m working at as a developer, and this comes after 2 years at a large corporation. I’m also excited since I knew nothing about Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance, and today I can say I understand at least a little.

  • 25 July - Empathy in Tech

    I’ve been meaning to write about empathy in tech for a long time. Oddly, this is a topic that I’m the most hesitant to write about, for personal reasons. I’m not the most empathetic person, and I have trouble understanding how to improve the things I say to my friends. However, the topic I’m talking about has more to do with teaching than it does with personal relationships outside of tech.

  • 01 July - Setting up Neovim with Vim Plug and YouCompleteMe

    I’m moving to neovim for my primary editing purposes. VSCode has served me well, but I’m growing wearing of its growing pains. Some extensions don’t work well, and many things seem broken of late. Besides, I don’t really use the IDE features all that much.

  • 28 June - A Weekend With Postgresql

    I’ve wanted to read the postgresql documentation live, on video, for over a year now. This is the best time to do it.

  • 03 June - Returning to the Craft of Programming

    I have not been working on side projects in a few months. I’ve been busy with life, family, and health. However, I finally feel ready to return to it.

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