Today I Learned

This is a page of things I learn/encounter daily. I am trying to organize these so that I can classify them better. Some are links to blogs, others to github or to other websites where I learn something interesting every day. I usually structure this with some helpful description so I can find it later. To be honest, this is mainly so I can track links in a way that is not reliant on external services. I plan to build a Telegram bot that manages this page for me. I can then introduce tagging and search, through the bot, of course.


  1. Resource | Advanced System-On-Chip Lecture Notes
  2. Resource | MDN HTTP Headers


  1. Resource | OWASP Cheat Sheets
  2. Resource | OWASP Web Security Testing Guide
  3. Resource | OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks


  1. Course | MIT 6.042J - Mathematics for Computer Science
  2. Course | MIT 6.006 - Introduction to Algorithms
  3. RFC | DoD RFC 760 - Internet Protocol


  1. Article | Customizing my Postgres shell using psqlrc
  2. Whitepaper | Looking Back at Postgres


  1. Resource | OWASP Secure Headers
  2. Resource | HTTP Status Codes Cheatsheet
  3. Python Library |
  4. Book | Secure by Design - Book on Security best practices by Manning Publications
  5. Tool | hsecscan - Python Tool to Check Headers of an API
  6. Tool | pidof can be used to snoop the PID of a process matching a regex.


  1. Tool | Use lsof to scan processes running in a given path.
  2. Tool | kill can take verbose commands, such as -KILL, -TSTP or -CONT. Check man kill for more.


  1. TIL | When running the selenium/standalone-chrome ensure that the docker proxy is configured correctly so that it can find the pages it needs to, especially with company-internal pages.
  2. TIL | Docker images will by default be able to reach any server that the host can reach.
  3. Book | How Linux Works by No Starch Code is a good book on the internals of Linux


  1. command | tr can translate stdin from one format to another. Example: tr a-z A-Z will convert all stdin to UPPERCASE.


  1. TIL | /dev/urandom and /dev/random can be used to generate random characters.


  1. Tool | ox - Text editor written in Rust


  1. Article | antirez/Kilo - Learn how to write a small text editor in C
  2. Article | Hecto - Learn how to write a small text editor in Rust
  3. Article | The Tau Manifesto - No, Pi is really wrong
  4. Library | Cargo/crossterm
  5. Library | Cargo/termium
  6. Library | Cargo/tuis
  7. Tool | allows you to practise typing by typing classic novels
  8. Tool | Wilo - Text Editor written in Rust


  1. Learning Resource | Precalculus - Free Course on College Math Prerequisites


  1. RFC | RFC1149 - Standard for the transmission of IP datagrams on avian carriers
  2. RFC | RFC2549 - IP over Avian Carriers with Quality of Service


  1. Learning Resource | Python for Kids


  1. Article | Finding your first remote job | Part 2


  1. Book Thread | How Facism Works
  2. Tip | How to Ignore binaries withou extensions using gitignore
  3. Article | TL:DR Rust
  4. Tool | WASM Video Compressor/Transcoder
  5. Learning Resource | Learn Git Branching (interactively)


  1. Hearing Loss | Personal Sound Amplifier CS50+


  1. TIL | There are other Pyramids in Africa: The Forgotten Pyramids of Meroe
  2. Article | John Cleese discusses creativity, political correctness, Monty Python, and artichokes
  3. Video | John Cleese on Creativity in management
  4. Article | Ciofeca Forensics - Revisiting Apple Notes : The Protobuf


  1. Video | Miguel Grinberg - Video Conferencing App with Python, Flask and Twilio


  1. Thread | Empathy for those who don’t know LaTeX well
  2. Article | Ned Batchelder - How to be Helpful Online
  3. Blog | - Finding Passport Number Online
  4. TIL | functools.singledispatch can be used to created overloaded functions in Python, but only for the first argument
  5. Thread | What Exactly is LLVM?
  6. Book | Architecture of Open Source Applications | LLVM Chapter
  7. Article | Write your own programmer and compiler with Python
  8. Article | Writing a basic x86 JIT Compiler from scratch in stock Python
  9. Article | So You Want to Be a Compiler Wizard
  10. Article | How to implement a programming language in JavaScript
  11. TIL | Small-C | Source
  12. Articles | Articles on Writing a Compiler
  13. Tool | Cannoli - A Compiler for a Subset of Python, Written in Rust
  14. Tool | Oil - An Unix Shell Written in OPy - A Tiny Subset of Python
  15. Video | PyCon AU - Damian George - MicroPython: A Journey from Kickstarter to Space
  16. TIL | Python provides no way to override the and or or keywords actions on a new/custom datatype. This is why you get the ValueError: The truth value of an array with more than one element is ambiguous. Use a.any() or a.all() in Pandas (this actually comes from numpy).


  1. Article | Rosie the Robot: Social Accountability, One Tweet at a Time


  1. Blog | Naomi Ceder’s Blog
  2. Design Pattern | Visitor Pattern
  3. Video | Super Mario Speed Run: Pretty good explanation of the stack, underflows and how Mario works
  4. Video | SNES Code Injection: Flappy Bird in Super Mario World
  5. Article | Bootstrapping a FORTH in 40 Lines of Lua Code
  6. Article | A Minimal FORTH Compiler for Linux / i386 Systems


  1. Resource | Ultimate Python Study Guide
  2. Career Resource | /r/cscareerquestions resume FAQ and Wiki
  3. Career Resource Thread | Reddit thread from a recruiter | Part 2


  1. Article | Peter Norvig - Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years
  2. Video | Ben Eater - Learn How Computers Add Numbers and Build a 4-bit Added Circuit


  1. Article | The Tragic Tale of the Deadlocking Python queue


  1. Video | How to Market Haskell
  2. Article | What Killed Haskell Could Kill Rust Too
  3. Article | Journal of Statistical Software - Tiny Date


  1. Tool | Scalene - Python CPU and Memory Profiler
  2. Conference Video | James Powell - Fast and Furious Python 7: Writing Fast Python Code


  1. Article | Mastering the Hard Parts of Javascript


  1. Video | Ben Root - Anatomy of Matplotlib
  2. TIL | It is a lot faster to use Pandas’ filters with the & and | operators than it is to do a zip to combine several conditions into one. If needed, save intermediate dataframes and do .loc multiple times instead. That is also a LOT faster. Do not do the zip method that uses any or all.
  3. Shiny | Interactive Github Readme
  4. Shiny | Github Readme Chess


  1. Resource | ReactJS docs with hooks
  2. Tool | Regexr
  3. Tool | Regex101


  1. Article | Effectively Using Matplotlib


  1. Game | OSS Game - FreeCol: A Turn-Based Strategy Game based on Colonization
  2. Thread | HN: Best Way to Learn Modern C++
  3. Game and Resource | FlexBox Defense
  4. Tool | Headcrab: Rust Debugging Library
  5. Resource | Peter Norvig - PyTudes: Python Programs of Considerable Difficulty to Perfect Particular Skills
  6. Article | The One Reason SW Developers Should Write


  1. Tool | Asciimatics: Full Screen ncurses Animations and Effects in Python
  2. Tool | urwid - Console UI Library for Python
  3. Resource | Awesome Lock-Free: Resources on Wait-Lock and Lock-Free Programming
  4. Book | Fullstack D3 and Data Visualization
  5. Tool | Ranger - Vim-inspired File Manager for the Console
  6. Resource | The Internet Explained from First Principles
  7. Book | Essentials of Programming Languages


  1. Tool | Visualizing Daily Promotional Email Distribution
  2. Tool | Software Commit Distribution Over 8 Years
  3. Book | Objective Rust
  4. Resource | Learn VIM While Playing a Game
  5. TIL | The Cobra Effect
  6. Anecdote | -2000 Lines of Code
  7. Game | Lord of the Manor: OSS Game | Reddit Thread
  8. Article | Web RTC For the Curious
  9. Tool | DearPyGUI: GPU Acceleration Python GUI Framework
  10. Resource | RustC Development Guide
  11. Tool | Vimium for macOS


  1. Article | Surprising New Features in AMD Ryzen 3000
  2. Article | Lynn Conway’s Career Retrospective


  1. Article | Optimizing Rust Struct Size: A 6 Month Compiler Development Program
  2. TIL | Disabling Gatekeeper and allow apps from anywhere on MacOS Sierra TLDR: Run sudo spctl --master-disable and be prepared for an email from corporate IT.


  1. Article | Vim-like Layer for Xorg and Wayland
  2. Article | Learn D3: Introduction
  3. Article | D3Js Observerable Gallery Notebook
  4. Article | D3 Selection Join
  5. Article | D3: Thinking With Joins


  1. Article | What Happens When You Load an URL?
  2. Book | OCaml Scientific Computing
  3. Article | Hands-on Web Assembly: Try the Basics - Martian Chronicles


  1. VSCode | Howard Zue - Favorites Plugin
  2. Article | Async Python is Not Better
  3. Tool | NuShell is a shell written in Rust
  4. Article | How to ask questions of experts and gain more than just an answer
  5. Article | Golang Cost Type Enums
  6. Book | Go 101
  7. Resource | Algorithms and Data Structures implemented in TypeScript with Video lectures


  1. Article | Never Run python in your Downloads folder
  2. Article | Grow Skills with Work not Extra-Curriculars
  3. Tool | Rust Command Line Macros and Utilities
  4. Tool | Lazarus IDE for Free Pascal


  1. Tool | moreutils - Additional Commands for Linux Daily Use
  2. Tool | pv is a tool to redirect Linux STDIN and add an event to it. There’s also progress.


  1. Resources | Deep Learning Course and Book


  1. Language | Elena Programming Language
  2. Tool | Pony: Lock-less data-race-free concurrency


  1. Tool | Netflix Conductor Workflows
  2. Articles | Explanations on the X11 Window System and Protocol (and other errata)
  3. Thread | Telemetry in Linux and BSD
  4. Article | Running Selenium Tests on Docker Containers


  1. Resource | HTTP Status Code Cheatsheet
  2. Tool | HTTP API for Cats
  3. Concept | Chesterton’s Fence - Implementations might exist for a reason.
  4. Tool | Nerves: Add Agility to your IoT Development Cycle
  5. Elixir | Implementation of a Retro Finnish Game in Elixir


  1. Article | Haskell Mini Patterns
  2. Article | Laying the Foundation for Rust’s Future
  3. Article | Playbooks: A Manager’s Essential Guide to Holding Regular Check-Ins
  4. Book | Essential Coding Theory - Guruswami, Rudra, Madhusudan Dept CSE @ Buffalo
  5. Book | Using, Understanding, and Unravelling the OCaml Language from Practice to Theory and Vice-Versa
  6. Book | Real World OCaml
  7. Tool | Mnemonic - CLI App for remembering
  8. Tool | cheat is a command to make and use a global pool of offline cheatsheets
  9. Blog | Amos Loves to Tinker - Blog on Computers and Rust


  1. Book | Write your own Virtual Machine


  1. Resource | You Need a Budget
  2. Resource | SFML - Simple and Fast Multimedia Library
  3. Article | Epigrams in Programming by Alan Perlis
  4. Video | Growing a Language by Guy Steele
  5. Video | Every Clojure Talk Ever - Alex Engelberg and Derek Slager
  6. Thread | Stock Market Chart Landscape Art
  7. Resource | Developer Roadmap
  8. Book | J. E. Gordon - Structures: Or Why Things Don’t Fall Down


  1. Article | Books for Tech Leads
  2. Article | Becoming a 10x Developer
  3. Article | How to Stop Procrastinating by Using the Fogg Behavior Model
  4. Article | How to build a web application completely in Rust
  5. Tool | Diff Highlight Tool for Javascript


  1. Article | SPAs using Rust
  2. Tool | Use last to check login history in Linx
  3. Language | arc is a Programming Language written in Racket
  4. Finding | HN Server is implemented in arc
  5. Thread | Why are there so many implementations of Lisp?
  6. Language | Bigloo Lisp Implementation
  7. Language | guile Programming Language
  8. Tool | A Baseline compuler for guile
  9. Book | Bartosz Milewski - Category Theory for Programmers | PDF
  10. Tool | Wingolog
  11. Book | Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  12. Github | List of Donations to OSS
  13. Book | How to Design Programs
  14. Language | The gambit scheme system
  15. Thread | What does Process Accounting mean in Linux
  16. Article | The Difficulties of Tracking Running Processes on Linux
  17. Thread | The Correct Way to Learn Linux Internals


  1. Tool | broot is a better alternative to tree written in Rust.
  2. Book | Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  3. Thread | Linux Networking
  4. Resources | Geeks for Geeks PDFs
  5. Tool | missingno can be used to visualize missing data in Python
  6. Tool | Apache Samza
  7. Resources | Awesome System Design
  8. Tool | plumber is a CLI for Kafka, RabbitMQ and other messaging systems
  9. Tool | mdr Renders Markdown in the Terminal
  10. Tool | origin is a monitoring and alert server based on ZeroMQ and JSON messaging


  1. Tidbit Python’s raise statement has a from clause, to preserve full tracebacks.
  2. RTFM Python raise statement


  1. Tidbit | You can install more than one kernel into a Linux installation and choose which to boot from in Grub.
  2. Tool | xanmod and liqourix are custom kernels for Linux desktops and workstations.
  3. Linux Kernel 5.8 has a lot of hardware level optimizations.
  4. Tool Grub Customizer to customize what the grub menu looks like
  5. Resource | The Laws of UX
  6. Tool | Glitterly Video Editing Tool
  7. Blog | Personal Blog of Matthias Endler
  8. Tool phoronix-test-suite is a bunch of open source hardware benchmarking tools for all platforms


  1. Juju is a tool that helps manage server providers, whether they are GCP, AWS, your own servers or Azure, among others, giving you one way to start, setup and run your servers.
  2. Juju’s configurations are called charms. These are written in Python.
  3. EC2 has a Free tier! I can request a bunch of machines here.


  1. Tidbit | git log --format="%H" -n 1 | cat outputs the last commit ID.
  2. Tidbit | collections.defaultdict takes a type not a value. It will initialize based on the default value for that type.
  3. Tidbit | nodejs just uses process to get command line arguments.


  1. Thread | Unix Domain Sockets are “sockets” on a single machine. This is what gunicorn uses. Thread on Unix Sockets vs Networking Sockets
  2. Article | Everything in Linux is a File
  3. Thread | Everything is a File | Note: See the ISSOCK check.
  4. Thread | Use os.stat(path).st_mode.S_ISSOCK to check if a file is a socket
  5. Article | A TCP Request also has a port on the client
  6. Thought | UAT’s should not be run in CICDs, it should be done completely external to the setup and bringing up an application.
  7. Tool | osquery is a tool to snoop around a Linux system’s OS in an SQL syntax
  8. Article | Karla Burnett - SSL: It’s hard to do right
  9. Paper | Maglev: Google’s Custom Load Balancer
  10. Paper | MapReduce: Simplified Data Processing on Large Clusters
  11. Paper | Google Technical Publications
  12. Tool | lwan - Lightweight Asynchronous Multi-Threaded Event-Based Web-Server
  13. Article | How to Read a Technical Paper
  14. Paper | S. Keshav - How to Read a Paper
  15. Blog | The Morning Paper: Blog on Reading a CS Paper Every Week
  16. RTFM | Container Networking
  17. Article | Julia Evans: How do HTTP Requests Get Sent to the Right Place?
  18. Article | Julia Evans: A Few Things I’ve Learnt about Kubernetes
  19. Article | Julia Evans: A Few Things I’ve Learnt about Computer Networking
  20. Blog | Kamal Marhubi
  21. Article | Kamal Marhubi - Kubernetes from the Ground Up: What Even is a Kubelet
  22. Article | Kamal Marhubi - Kubernetes from the Ground Up: the API Server
  23. Article | Kamal Marhubi - Kubernetes from the Ground Up: The Scheduler
  24. Video | Jérôme Petazzoni - Cgroups, namespaces, and beyond: what are containers made from?
  25. Article | Brutally Honest Guide to Docker Graphdrivers
  26. Blog | Sumana Harihareshwara
  27. Speech | Richard Hamming - You and Your Research Transcript
  28. Book | Richard Hamming - The Art of Doing Science and Engineering
  29. Blog | Paul Graham - Co-Founder of Y Combinator
  30. Article | Paul Graham - Good and Bad Procrastination


  1. RTFM | Disabling Turbo Boost on AMD Laptops
  2. Resource | Gary Explains: Rust: What is Ownership and Borrowing?
  3. Article | Adding a Volume Control to xmonad
  4. Tool | Ghosd - Transparent System Notifications
  5. Tool | Fusuma for Mouse Gestures in Linux
  6. Tool | How to Use Fusuma
  7. Thread | 4 Rules to Getting Better


  1. Article | Najeem’s article on Analysing Google Photos
  2. RTFM | Linux Kernel Documentation
  3. Tool | Cubic is a tool to make customized Ubuntu or Linux Mint images
  4. Tool | is a tool to update or manage the Kernel version with ease
  5. Tool | Drivers for TP-Link Wifi Dongles
  6. Tool | RyzenAdj is a tool to adjust AMD’s Ryzen processor settings
  7. Tool | radeontop is not quite nvidia-smi but it is something, for now
  8. Thread | Trying to find nvidia-smi for AMD Radeon Cards
  9. Book | Tiny Python Projects
  10. Article | Writing a file system in Rust
  11. Resource | Data Science Interview Questions in Python and SQL
  12. Course | Bartosz Milewski - School of Haskell
  13. Course | Code and Exercises from Bartosz’s School of Haskell
  14. Tool | Kardius - Find People Like You Near You
  15. Thead | HN Comment on How CLIs Work
  16. Article | Sweet Expressions For Racket
  17. Course | Coursera - Programming Languages Course A | Course B
  18. Tool | Racketlang is 25
  19. Thread | DashMap - Fast, Concurrent Hashmap in Rust
  20. Thread | A GPU Hash Table
  21. Book | A Job To Love
  22. Article | What Should Truly Motivate Us At Work
  23. Tool | A Viewer for Git and Diff Output
  24. Article | Attack of Pythons : Gotchas
  25. RTFM | Python Gotchas
  26. Tool | Featuretools: Python Framework for Automated Feature Engineering
  27. Blog | Learning Rust in 2020
  28. Course | Advent of Code is a bunch of programming exercises that are more fun than Leetcode, with annual sprints
  29. Resource | BurntSushi’s Rust Solutions to Advent of Code 2018
  30. Resource | bcmyers’s Rust Solutions to Advent of Code 2019 | Youtube Livestream


  1. arandr is a great frontend for xrandr, a tool to set monitor configs in tiling window managers.
  2. Debian Content Indices are interesting.]
  3. The sorted function in Python has a reverse flag.
  4. collections.defaultdict is amazing and has a slightly better performance than checking {}.get


  1. pihole’s Faster than light engine is a fork of dnsmasq
  2. argparse does support sub-commands


  1. It is possible to memoize dash callback responses with flask-caching
  2. pytest-dash has been abandoned since the official dash repo supports selenium via pytest now
  3. Always ensure that the dash registration in a Flask-Dash app is configurable. Might want to not load dash when testing backend only.


  1. Tips for faster Rust Compile Times


  1. pytest has a flag to hide traceback --tb=no, useful with entr
  2. Testing Dash Applications using Pytest and Selenium
  3. Al Sweigart - Scratch Course on Udemy
  4. kubectx is a wrapper around kubectl and allows configuring namespaces
  5. Rust’s Module System
  6. How I write Backends
  7. Essays on Programmings
  8. System Design for Advanced Beginners
  9. Alex Ellis’s Blog
  10. Made a 8-bit CPU
  11. Pi-Hole Unbound
  12. Pi-Hole Tips
  13. Waveshare released a 7 color e-ink display
  14. Dijo - Terminal Habit Tracker written in Rust
  15. Spotify TUI written in Rust
  16. Computer Productivity: Why it is important that software projects fail


  1. Python: breakpoint in empty except clause does not have access to the bound exception even if it is aliased
  2. MIT OCW: Statistics for Applications
  3. Microsoft AI Lab
  4. Matplotlib for Google Maps
  5. Github Coding Interview University
  6. ossu Computer Science Curriculum
  7. Awesome Interview Questions
  8. The Book of Secret Knowledge (CLIs, tools, manuals, cheatsheets etc)
  9. Frontend Dev Bookmarks
  10. Patterns of Scalability
  11. Awesome Design Tools
  12. Awesome Shell
  13. Awesome Remote Job
  14. Awesome VS Code
  15. Awesome Docker
  16. Awesome Rust
  17. Awesome CSS Protips
  18. Space Vim
  19. Awesome Penetration Test
  20. Awesome Design Resources
  21. Awesome Programming Falsehoods
  22. Vim Galore
  23. Golang Bangalore Meetup 56


  1. Cyclomatic Complexity of Code or McCabe Complexity
  2. mccabe is a Python module to analyse the McCabe’s Complexity for a Python module or file
  3. Python line-profiler
  4. Python Guppy / Heapy for Profiling Code
  5. entr for running commands in posix systems when file(s) change
  6. pylint-flask
  7. pylint-flask-sqlalchemy
  8. windows terminal
  9. BangPypers Meetup Youtube Link - Code Quality, Interfaces, Complexity and Unit Testing
  10. Python Static Code analysis with Prospector
  11. Python isort for sorting imports automatically
  12. Python Code Quality Authority
  13. Python Quality Link by Abhiram
  14. CPython Internals RealPython Article by Anthony Shaw
  15. CPython Internals Book by Anthony Shaw
  16. Internals of CPython by Prashanth Raghu
  17. Advanced Internals of CPython by Prashanth Raghu
  18. Pablo Salgado - Soul of the Beast EuroPython 2019 Talk on CPython
  19. CPython Internals Links
  20. CPython Internals: 10 Hour Codewalk through the Python Interpreter Source Code
  21. Python Implements library
  22. PEP 622 Structural Pattern Matching in Python
  23. Playground for PEP 622
  24. Commitizen enforces how commit messages and changelogs are written
  25. PEP 618 Add Optional Length-Checking to zip
  26. Python Bytes #190: Anthony Shaw: Pylance is named after Sir Lancelot
  27. Easier File Watching in Linux Hackaday Blog Post


  1. Pickle’s Nine Flaws
  2. Using the src folder with python
  3. When mocking python functions in a flask test, ensure you reference the module where the function is called, not where it originates from.
  4. Flask-Security-Too includes common patterns for flask security
  5. PEP-508 is … insanely detailed with what can be added to each line in requirements.txt
  6. Google Season of Docs is a program to get more people to contribute to documentation.
  7. What Nobody Tells You about Documentation - the greatest video on how to structure docs that I have seen
  8. Divio’s Documentation System - Amazing 4 Part System discussed in the video above
  9. docker-compose has no docstrings


  1. MyPaint is MSPaint for Linux (not quite but more like PaintShopPro)
  2. Jon Gjengset’s Blog is a great resource. Check out his article on MIT6.824 and RAFT
  3. Jon Gjengset has a YouTube channel where he discusses intermediate Rust
  4. Crust of Rust on YouTube - Again, Jon Gjengset
  5. OBS Project (Open Broadcaster Software) for recording and live-streaming, useful for my eventual youtube channel
  6. PolyBar is a Status bar for i3m and Linux
  7. xmonad is a tiling manager (like i3wm) but it uses haskell files for configs
  8. Little Book of Rust Macros
  9. Book on Real World Cryptography
  10. Malicious SHA1
  11. Understanding SHA Algorithms
  12. SHA256 Animation
  13. CS 61B Data Structures, Spring 2019
  14. Semicolon&Sons Intermediate Screencasts
  15. Foundations of Applied Mathematics - Lots of Python and Data Science resources
  16. Missing Semester of Your CS Education
  17. Learn AI from Scratch
  18. Brown University: Programming and Programming Languages
  19. Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby - Sandi Metz


  1. Common Lisp: A Gentle Introduction by David S. Touretzky is a great book on functional programming
  2. The Nokia N9 Alarm Clock app had a great design
  3. Micro is a tiny editor for Linux
  4. Understanding and writing a JPEG decoder in Python
  5. pritunl is a simple home OpenVPN implentation
  6. Resource for project based learning
  7. Succinct/compact/compressed data structures for data-intensive Python programs
  8. Jitsi for running your own self-hosted video call and chat
  9. The Ethernet PAUSE frame
  10. Flask’s Method Views are so simple to implement. They’re better for when the code gets really long
  11. Flask’s’ later docs seem to cover some insane stuff. Ex: Signals using the blinker library


  1. mkdocs-material is a real cool MaterialUI-based theme for mkdocs
  2. Gumshoe is a great scrolling effect for sidebars etc in vanilla JS
  3. Barry Warsaw adapted the Zen of Python into a Song!
  4. Profiling Flask Apps using werkzeug.contrib.profiler.ProfilerMiddleware
  5. What the heck is Pyproject.toml?
  6. Flit for Python
  7. enscons is a library for building Python packages with SCons - the Software Construction Tool
  8. SCons
  9. Poetry for Python Projects - Manage environments for Python, as well as project dependency information.
  10. ss is a tool to inspect sockets on Linux
  11. sphinx-tabs is a great way to add tabbed views in Sphinx
  12. The Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon or Frequency Illusion is when you discover something and see it everywhere


  1. Flask-JWT-Extended has a great bunch of patterns and examples on expiring and blacklisting JWTs
  2. Learn Rust in the same way you’d learn Golang through the tour! This covers almost the entire Rust Book
  3. Real Python’s article on Learn IP Address Concepts through Python
  4. Linux From Scratch is a great resource on learning Linux from first principles
  5. Py-Spy is Top for Python!

Older Items without Dates

  1. You Don’t Know JS is one of the best resources on learning Javascript
  2. ANTDesign (ANTD) is better than Material for React, IMO
  3. cloc counts lines of code
  4. cookiecutter can use Jinja to generate scaffolding for code
  5. fzf is amazing for searching through linux history
  6. Bat is better than the cat command.
  7. httpie is curl for humans
  8. responses lets you mock requests calls safely
  9. Run pytest in random order
  10. Let me google that for you
  11. Limyaeel’s Rants are the best commentary on the Fantasy fiction tropes
  12. Tokei is better than cloc
  13. ripgrep is grep on steroids
  14. python -m http.server, this needs no link.
  15. youtube-dl allows you to download youtube videos easily and convert them
  16. GUI for youtube-dl
  17. node’s live-server module is good for live reloading static html
  18. Tech conferences in India
  19. Secure Headers for Flask and other Python Web Frameworks
  20. Use Bandit for security in python applications
  21. pre-commit allows you to setup version control for your hooks
  22. fast-api is asynchronous flask on steroids
  23. Armin Ronacher’s Blog
  24. Ned Batchelder’s Blog - Is Python Interpreted or Compiled? Yes.
  25. The first 4 bytes of every Java class file has the magic value 0xCAFEBABE
  26. Compiling Python Code
  27. byteplay - play with python bytecode
  28. Raymond Hettinger’s Blog
  29. Real Python PyGame Primer
  30. Rust By Example
  31. Core Algorithms Deployed - Stack Overflow Question
  32. revel Web Framework for Go
  33. Build Web Application with Golang Astaxie
  34. Complete Guide to calc() in CSS
  35. Matt Mullenweg on Remote Work
  36. The Importance of Deep Work and the 30-hour method for learning a new skill
  37. Functional Light Javascript
  38. Professor Frisby’s Mostly Adequate Guide to Functional Programming
  39. Front End Developer Handbook
  40. The CSS “Ah-ha!” moment
  41. What does a Well-Documented CSS Codebase Look Like?
  42. The moment CSS started making “Sense”
  43. Multi-Line Padded Text
  44. Don’t Overthink It Grids
  45. CSS Zen Garden
  46. The Anatomy of a Reference Site Component Detail Page
  47. Taking the Pattern Library to the Next Level
  48. W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  49. HTML5 for Web Designers
  50. CSS Pseudo-Classes
  51. Javascript Questions
  52. Pika cdn for npm
  53. Joy of Elixir
  54. Waterline.js ORM for Node
  55. Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type (CRDT)
  56. Nerves IoT Platform
  57. Grok the GIL: How to Write Fast and Thread-Safe Python
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