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Talk Python To Me

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Talk Python is a fun podcast on Python that a friend introduced to me. I began listening to podcasts because of it.

This podcast is hosted by Michael Kennedy, who also co-hosts the Python Bytes podcast with Brian Okken.


  1. #240 A Tour of the CPython Source code (Anthony Shaw)
  2. #100 Python past, present, and future with Guido van Rossum
  3. #24 Fluent Python (Luciano Ramalho)
  4. #264 10 tips every Flask developer should know (Miguel Grinberg)
  5. #48 Building Flask-based Web Apps (Miguel Grinberg)

Test and Code

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Brian Okken is a well known author in the Python space. His book on Python Testing with pytest: Simple, Rapid, Effective, and Scalable. In this podcast, Brian focusses on Python and other technology in the testing space.

I recommend this podcast to anyone who is wondering how they should structure their tests when coding in Python, and when wondering about what practices to follow when coding in general. Brian is Michael’s co-host on the next podcast.


  1. #115 Catching Up with Nina Zakharenko
  2. #117 Python Extension for VS Code (Brett Cannon)
  3. #112 Six Principles of Readable Tests (David Seddon)
  4. #107 Property Based Testing in Python with Hypothesis (Alexander Hultnér)
  5. #101 Application Security (Anthony Shaw)
  6. #102 Cosmic Python, TDD, testing and external dependencies (Harry Percival)

Python Bytes

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Python Bytes is a short podcast (around 15 minutes an episode), about the latest bites of news in the world of Python. Brian Okken and Michael Kennedy (and an occasional guest) give great updates on the different headlines, and they reach out to their twitter followers who let them know about all the greatest modules out there. Follow to learn more about Python.


  1. #179 Guido van Rossum Drops in on Python Bytes
  2. #115 Dataclass CSV Reader and Nina Drops By
  3. #95 Unleash the py-spy
  4. #87 Guido van Rossum Steps Down
  5. #55 Flask, Flask, Flask, 3x Flask
  6. #38 Hacking Classic Nintendo Games with Python
  7. #27 The Meaning of _ in Python
  8. #61 On Being a Senior Engineer

The Python Podcast.__init__

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Tobias Macey has some of the best guests on his podcast. I cannot state this enough. I love this podcast a lot lately because it rates high up when it comes to intermediate content in the learning space. If you have been coding in Python for a while, you should definitely listen to all his episodes.


  1. #264 Dependency Management Improvements In Pip’s Resolver
  2. #258 Distributed Computing In Python Made Easy With Ray
  3. #252 The Advanced Python Task Scheduler
  4. #249 Learning To Program Python By Building Video Games With Arcade
  5. #245 Using Deliberate Practice To Level Up Your Python
  6. #241 Debugging Python Projects With PySnooper
  7. #119 Moving to MongoDB with Michael Kennedy
  8. #215 Web Application Development Entirely In Python

Vim Tips with Ben


This podcast is no longer maintained, and the last episode was on 2016, but if you are trying to learn Vim, this is absolutely high up there in what you need to listen to.

I recommend listening to all the episodes, since there are only a few. with Drew Neil


This is yet another unmaintained but great podcast on Vim.

Go Time

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Go Time is a joy to listen to. It’s about Golang, but it is also about so much more that I cannot stop fanboying about it. I am just getting into Go as of July 2020, and this Podcast is teaching me so much.


  1. #137 Focusing in on PostgreSQL
  2. #130 Challenges of Distributed Messaging Systems

Misc. Favourite Episodes

These are not podcasts I follow regularly, but I’ve stumbled upon these episodes and found them absolutely amazing.

  1. Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman | RSS | Guido van Rossum: Python



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