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Using Non-Standard Jinja Templates

Apache Airflow uses Jinja templates for variable expansion and templating. Whenever you write a DAG, you can use {{ }} blocks to expand variable names, often using Airflow configurations or macros to fill in the values. While that is great, you get a problem when you have Jinja templates inside your code that has nothing to do with Airflow.

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David Beazley’s Courses

Among other things, 2020 has been a window into opportunities I didn’t have before. Mostly with respect to time. I was able to rest, which given my penchant for workaholism, was something my mind deserved. I was also about to heal from burnout and come to terms with my job, which I’d just started in 2019. I needed the time to recharge, and ignore all the expectations I had set for myself professionally. I have been overwhelmed with immense Imposter’s Sydrome, and I needed a chance to get over it.

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BangPypers Screencast On Security Headers

The video for my screencast has finally been uploaded. This was a screencast conducted by BangPypers. Here, I covered the topics I blogged about in [this article]({% post_url 2020-11-11-web-application-security %}).

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Sarathi - A Personal Discord Bot

I’ve been maintaining a TIL page for a while now, and while the idea is great, I have had some issues updating the sheet daily.

sarathi-bot add factoid

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Keeping Your Work Laptop Awake

Sometimes you’d like to keep your work laptop from sleeping, and for whatever reason, you might not be able to change your system’s power management rules. In this article, I show you how to get around that.

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Web Application Security with

A common pitfall when developing web applications is not knowing how to design a safe application. is a great Python module that helps deal with the basic foundations of web application security.

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Managing Multiple Python Installations

If you are running a Linux or Mac machine and would like to run multiple versions of Python, you probably have been told that you need to stop trying to use package managers to run Python.

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Configuring Pip to Work in Enterprise Environments

The hardest thing about using package managers within an enterprise is getting them to download the packages you need on the office network. Oftentimes, you are hindered by SSL errors, and other times you get bogged by DNS errors.

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PyCon India 2019 Talk - MicroPython

I finally spoke at PyCon India! It was a great experience. I was a bit nervous speaking as someone who had just lost an ear, but I am glad that the organizers had arranged the “silent conference”. The headphones supported mono-channels, which is a blessing for someone who is single-sided deaf, like me.

PyCon India 2019

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Leonardo - Generating Product Unique Specification Images Using Python

When I was at Flipkart in the Content Team, my manager brought up an interesting project for the Graphic Designers in our team. He said Flipkart was going to invest in the creation of product images that would replace content. It was going to be an image where a prospective buyer could see the key specifications of the project arrayed around the product image in a neat fashion.


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