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A Weekend With Postgresql

I’ve wanted to read the postgresql documentation live, on video, for over a year now. This is the best time to do it.

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BangPypers Screencast On Security Headers

The video for my screencast has finally been uploaded. This was a screencast conducted by BangPypers. Here, I covered the topics I blogged about in [this article]({% post_url 2020-11-11-web-application-security %}).

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PyCon India 2019 Talk - MicroPython

I finally spoke at PyCon India! It was a great experience. I was a bit nervous speaking as someone who had just lost an ear, but I am glad that the organizers had arranged the “silent conference”. The headphones supported mono-channels, which is a blessing for someone who is single-sided deaf, like me.

PyCon India 2019

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