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Sarathi - A Personal Discord Bot

I’ve been maintaining a TIL page for a while now, and while the idea is great, I have had some issues updating the sheet daily.

sarathi-bot add factoid

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The STM32F401 Boards

A while ago, a user posted a link to this repo on /r/mk.

STM Board

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K3S on the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 with Docker-CE

I finally managed to fix the issue I was having with K3S on the Raspberry Pi 4. Turns out, there is an issue with how Docker does IP configurations.

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Leonardo - Generating Product Unique Specification Images Using Python

When I was at Flipkart in the Content Team, my manager brought up an interesting project for the Graphic Designers in our team. He said Flipkart was going to invest in the creation of product images that would replace content. It was going to be an image where a prospective buyer could see the key specifications of the project arrayed around the product image in a neat fashion.


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Learn the Kana Using Python and a Raspberry Pi

I have been attempting to learn Nihongo. It is a failing attempt really, since I have so little time lately.


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