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I joined Merkle Science as an Architect

I left Visa on July 21, and joined Merkle Science as an Architect and Lead Software Engineer. I’m working with the Data Engineering team, and have some cross-over work with the Product team as well. I am excited for this shift since this is the first startup I’m working at as a developer, and this comes after 2 years at a large corporation. I’m also excited since I knew nothing about Cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance, and today I can say I understand at least a little.

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Empathy in Tech

I’ve been meaning to write about empathy in tech for a long time. Oddly, this is a topic that I’m the most hesitant to write about, for personal reasons. I’m not the most empathetic person, and I have trouble understanding how to improve the things I say to my friends. However, the topic I’m talking about has more to do with teaching than it does with personal relationships outside of tech.

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Setting up Neovim with Vim Plug and YouCompleteMe

I’m moving to neovim for my primary editing purposes. VSCode has served me well, but I’m growing wearing of its growing pains. Some extensions don’t work well, and many things seem broken of late. Besides, I don’t really use the IDE features all that much.

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A Weekend With Postgresql

I’ve wanted to read the postgresql documentation live, on video, for over a year now. This is the best time to do it.

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Returning to the Craft of Programming

I have not been working on side projects in a few months. I’ve been busy with life, family, and health. However, I finally feel ready to return to it.

Raspberry Pi Clusters

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A Personal Code

Do you have a personal code of honour? I’ve been giving this some thought and I feel like I’m at a stage where I’d like to write my code down.

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My Notes

I needed a place to collect my thoughts on various topics related to technology, in a slightly less-public manner. That’s where my new notes website comes in.

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Migrating the Mahabharata Posts

In 2016, I spent a month in Hampi to read Bibek Debroy’s 10-volume translation of the Mahabharata. It was a life-changing experience, and I formed a bond with the author through correspondence ever since. I’d posted about my experience on Instagram, but I’d like to move all the posts here, for easy retrieval.

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David Beazley’s Courses

Among other things, 2020 has been a window into opportunities I didn’t have before. Mostly with respect to time. I was able to rest, which given my penchant for workaholism, was something my mind deserved. I was also about to heal from burnout and come to terms with my job, which I’d just started in 2019. I needed the time to recharge, and ignore all the expectations I had set for myself professionally. I have been overwhelmed with immense Imposter’s Sydrome, and I needed a chance to get over it.

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BangPypers Screencast On Security Headers

The video for my screencast has finally been uploaded. This was a screencast conducted by BangPypers. Here, I covered the topics I blogged about in [this article]({% post_url 2020-11-11-web-application-security %}).

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A Year Of Rest

I have been taking it easy for a year.

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Sarathi - A Personal Discord Bot

I’ve been maintaining a TIL page for a while now, and while the idea is great, I have had some issues updating the sheet daily.

sarathi-bot add factoid

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Keeping Your Work Laptop Awake

Sometimes you’d like to keep your work laptop from sleeping, and for whatever reason, you might not be able to change your system’s power management rules. In this article, I show you how to get around that.

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The Song of a Hero - Insomniac’s Spider-Man Miles Morales

Of all the differences between the first Spider-Man game for the PS4 and Spider-Man Miles Morales, I did not expect to be wowed by the music.

Image 1

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Web Application Security with

A common pitfall when developing web applications is not knowing how to design a safe application. is a great Python module that helps deal with the basic foundations of web application security.

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A List of Podcasts I Follow

I didn’t listen to podcasts for a large part of my professional life. My friend Najeem introduced me to Talk Python, which was the first podcast I have ever listened to and enjoyed. Since then, I have found a lot of podcasts that I follow, and wanted to keep track of the episodes I love, as well as podcasts I love.

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The STM32F401 Boards

A while ago, a user posted a link to this repo on /r/mk.

STM Board

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Today I Learned Journal

I started a journal to maintain a list of things I am learning daily. This is mostly to just keep me on my toes, but also so that I can record everything I learn daily.

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Managing Multiple Python Installations

If you are running a Linux or Mac machine and would like to run multiple versions of Python, you probably have been told that you need to stop trying to use package managers to run Python.

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I am taking the MIT Distributed Systems Course

To learn more about how distributed system design works, I have decided to spend time with 6.824 - Distributed Systems.

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K3S on the 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 with Docker-CE

I finally managed to fix the issue I was having with K3S on the Raspberry Pi 4. Turns out, there is an issue with how Docker does IP configurations.

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Blog Updates

I am ditching Digital Ocean since I do not need a droplet to run the blog. Github pages with Jekyll and the YAMT theme suffice for now.

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Configuring Pip to Work in Enterprise Environments

The hardest thing about using package managers within an enterprise is getting them to download the packages you need on the office network. Oftentimes, you are hindered by SSL errors, and other times you get bogged by DNS errors.

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No Leaf Clover

[Continued from Part 1: The Sound of Music.]({% post_url 2019-12-11-the-sound-of-music %})

Hearing Aids

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PyCon India 2019 Talk - MicroPython

I finally spoke at PyCon India! It was a great experience. I was a bit nervous speaking as someone who had just lost an ear, but I am glad that the organizers had arranged the “silent conference”. The headphones supported mono-channels, which is a blessing for someone who is single-sided deaf, like me.

PyCon India 2019

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Leonardo - Generating Product Unique Specification Images Using Python

When I was at Flipkart in the Content Team, my manager brought up an interesting project for the Graphic Designers in our team. He said Flipkart was going to invest in the creation of product images that would replace content. It was going to be an image where a prospective buyer could see the key specifications of the project arrayed around the product image in a neat fashion.


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Learn the Kana Using Python and a Raspberry Pi

I have been attempting to learn Nihongo. It is a failing attempt really, since I have so little time lately.


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Dear Mr. Debroy

The following is the content of handwritten letter I sent to Mr. Debroy dated Feb 12th, 2017. I’ve reproduced it in its entirety here.

Debroy letter

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 20

This journey has been relieving. I have done all that I set out to do. I came for a larger purpose, to start writing once again. It has been too long, and I have been scared of something.

Mahabharata Day 20

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 18

In the aftermath of the battle and after all the funerals, Krishna instructs Dharmaraja to go and seek Bhishma’s teachings. On his deathbed, Gangeya recites the hundred names of Vishnu, and begins revealing the nature of Dharma.

Mahabharata Day 18

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 17

The empty temples scare me. They stand here, stripped of their purpose by the invaders from Golkonda, Bijapur and Delhi. The idols are destroyed, nothing remains except the stories. Some temples don’t even have the stories. Guides make stuff up, they tell unsuspecting travellers that there’s some story here. There is, but it isn’t the story the guides are feeding them.

Mahabharata Day 17

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 15

My skin feels good against cold stone. I love the feeling in my toes as the cold air and the heat of the sun combine to give me shivers.

Mahabharata Day 15

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 14

My very first introduction to the Mahabharata was one of two comics, from Amar Chitra Katha, bought at the railway station in Mumbai, over twenty years ago.

Mahabharata Day 14

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 10

I am not reading these books at my usual speed. I could take the shorter way, read at full speed from the comforts of my home, or I could do it this way.

Mahabharata Day 10

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 9

This rock that I sit on is a picnic spot, and it suits the purpose really. Many locals come here, and their kids are curious about what I’m doing here.

Mahabharata Day 9

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 8

There is some justice in reading Markandeya’s rendition of the Ramayana, recited to the Pandavas, as I sit in Hampi. A large part of the Kishkinda Kanda is supposed to have occurred here, and I remember the stories that my grandfather told me about how Hanuman was born on Anjanadri Hill.

Mahabharata Day 8

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 7

As I read the Mahabharata today, a British lady came up to me to ask me about Hampi. She was wondering if the heat had something to do with global warming. I assured her that it has always been this hot here. It’s why Krishnadevaraya built so many pushkarinis, and why the landscape is filled with mantapas for weary travellers to rest as they walked in the hot sun.

Mahabharata Day 7

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 6

Wherever I sit down in Hampi, I can’t help but ask myself if once, a long time ago, Krishnadevaraya walked past this very spot. I wonder if I have walked along paths he liked to walk through, I wonder if he could appreciate the poetry of sitting under a tree to read the Mahabharata.

Mahabharata Day 6

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 5

I do not believe in religion, I despise the organized rituals that exist today. That is not Sanathana Dharma. Dharma is subtle, it is imbued into the blood of people such as Prahalada and Bali. It runs through the veins of Markandeya, and it is in the pillars of the sabha Maya built for Dharmaraja.

Mahabharata Day 5

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 4

How we ruin ourselves. Mankind has always fallen flat on its face when faced with the questions of Dharma.

Mahabharata Day 4

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 3

This land belongs to the monkeys. It is theirs to frolic in, it is theirs to own. We have somehow faltered here, and they know it far better than we.

Mahabharata Day 3

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 2

It is unbelievably calm atop a hill. I was right when I chose this spot to read the Mahabharata. Reading of Shakuntala and Dushyantha, I lost myself in her pain as he denied loving her. Reading about Yayati and how he beseeched his sons to share with him their youth, I could agree with him that one thousand years could never be enough time to enjoy the wonders of this world.

Mahabharata Day 2

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Reading the Mahabharata by the Tungabhadra - Day 1

Hampi. As a kid, I didn’t like going to Hampi. I had nothing to see there, it was full of tanks and wells. I didn’t care much for the heat either.

Mahabharata Day 1

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