Vinay Keerthi

I am a software developer based in Bangalore, India. I write about technology, Python, Raspberry Pi, the Internet of Things, and I also speak at Meetups and Conferences.

I also write about hearing loss and single-sided deafness, and how to cope with it.

My Gear

I am a certified geek. I build mechanical keyboards, run Kubernetes on a 4 node Raspberry Pi 4 bramble (a smaller cluster), have about 18 Raspberry Pi boards in all, and I also do a lot of MicroPython and IoT work.

Here’s a small gallery of my workspace.


I assembled these keyboards and flashed the QMK framework on them, programming them to suit my preferred layout.

Corne Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue)


Daisy 40% (Cherry MX Green)


Lily58 Keyboard (Cherry MX Blue)




Why Stonecharioteer?

Stonecharioteer Logo

I was born in Hampi, Karnataka, India, and I often write about it as well. I was lucky enough to find the domain, and the ID in all my frequent portals.

The logo was designed by my sister Sthuthi Kiran.

Contact me via twitter.

Dog Tax

Meet my dog: her royal highness “Subbalakshmi” (Subbi).