Moving a Window to the Next Monitor on XFCE

Step 1: Install yay

yay is a package manager for AUR. It’s super useful when installing Arch packages in Manjaro.

From the Github

sudo pacman -S --needed git base-devel
git clone
cd yay
makepkg -si

Step 2: Dependencies

The core dependencies for this to work are:

  1. xdtool
  2. wmctrl
  3. xorg-xwinfo

Step 3: Clone move-to-next-monitor to a folder in your path

Personally, I prefer ~/.local/bin, but you can use /usr/bin, or any folder that’s in your path.

git clone

Note that I’m maintaining a fork at stonecharioteer/move-to-next-monitor. I want to see if I can rewrite this to work natively.

Add execution permissions to this file.

chmod +x move-to-next-monitor

Step 4: Add Keyboard bindings to invoke this script

Use your XFCE window manager tools to bind a keyboard shortcut to invoke this tool.


linux   manjaro   xfce   x11

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